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La Mediterranea has been producing buffalo mozzarella over several generations. Being buffalo mozzarella a fresh cheese with a short shelf-life, very soon our priority became to find a way to overcome this limit to fully meet the expectations of foreign markets. After severl years of researches, conducted by the internal R&D laboratory, La Mediterranea patented “Buffalo Mozzarella making mix”, a product that is making an outstanding difference in the way buffalo mozzarella is manufactured  overseas. LatteRì is a development of this patent: it was born from the idea of introducing the finest characteristics of buffalo milk in your recipes, without preservatives. LatteRì is a prime quality buffalo milk that goes through a concentration process in which it is deprived of 50% of its water. This process makes it possible to keep the typical organoleptic characteristics, enhancing them.                     

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I.L.C La Mediterranea
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