Concentration Process

The concentration process that turns the fresh buffalo milk into LatteRì is structured in several phases:

- Milks collection
It starts from a severe selection of the  farms that supplies milk. The breedings go through a total check both from the Italian authorities and our internal personell. We make sure that our “check list” is respected, in particular in regards to Place, machineries and facilities, hygiene and health conditions and animal welfare.

- Pasteurization
Once the milk reach our factory, the milk is pasteurized.

- Concentration
Now the concentration  can finally start: the process has been patented and it reduces the milk of 60%. The milk is deprived of its water at a low temperature, making it possible to preserve the organoleptic characteristics typical of buffalo milk.

- Packaging
The concentrated milk  is now packed in 500 ml briks and then frozen.

Foto latte